Alexandra Cope, MCP, RCC

Alex is a registered clinical counsellor and program consultant. Alex grew up in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and spent most of her childhood outside. It is here where her journey with nature and horses began.

“Nature has always been my sanctuary.  If I need grounding, I head to Grouse Mountain.  If I am worried, I take a walk at Westham Island.  If my spirit needs cleansing, I take a run where I can smell the sea air.  And if I am deeply tired, I head home to the shores of Lake Memphremagog where I am rejuvenated.  I truly believe that nature can heal and restore.  I also believe that horses are nature in its finest form.”

Alex completed her BA in Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Alex started her professional life in the fashion industry before moving to Vancouver in 1999. Here, she decided to return to her roots in nature and horses and started working at Maynard’s Tack Shop/Pony Meadows horseback riding school in Southlands, now known as Southlands Heritage Farm. Alex spent a lifetime as Program Coordinator at the farm, raising her own children and helping to raise a community. In 2010, Alex became the Program Coordinator for Southlands Therapeutic Riding Society-STaRS- (, a position she is proud to still hold today.

In 2013, Alex decided to pursue a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Adler University. During this time, she completed a social justice practicum at Forest and the Femme, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower marginalized women through nature. Alex also completed a 16 month clinical internship as a counsellor and equine facilitated counsellor at Shamrock Wellness in Abbotsford. During this internship, Alex provided therapy to clients experiencing trauma, grief and loss, physical abuse, sexual abuse, probation, anxiety, depression and substance use. Alex also co-facilitated therapy groups for grief and loss, living with addiction and young parents.

Alex’s approach to counselling is person centred and is founded on connection and presence.  “Each person has a unique journey. I want to help people discover and strengthen their own voice and find the path that is right for them.  I believe that empathic understanding can help open up space within and allow room for new ways of being to emerge.” Alex has experience counselling children, youth and adults. Alex is an approved counsellor by First Nation Health Authority and by Crime Victim Assistance Program.

Moe profile.jpg


Moe is an Appaloosa pony with a zest for life. He is smart, independent and quite grounded.

Moe’s known story started with him being found in a bad situation in the US Northwest. The smart and kind trainer who spotted him brought him to a new life here in Vancouver. She coached him into fitness and showed him that some people can be trusted. He then found a perfect young partner who adored him. The two of them took the jumping world by storm during the summer of 2016. They were hoping to be unstoppable. However, Moe injured himself severely that fall. He fractured his hoof. Many horses do not survive after experiencing that type of injury but Moe’s spirit kept him and his new owner fighting. He rehabilitated for one year and is now on a new journey as a therapy horse.

Moe is anywhere from 17 to 27 years old. He is as cute as can be and knows it. He rolls with his whole heart and really likes grass. He is social, gentle and strong. Moe still has tons to say.

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Finn is a gentle giant. He is 100 pounds but thinks he is little. He will play anytime, anywhere but also just likes to cuddle. Finn loves his people and always wants to be with them. He can howl pretty loud when he wants to be elsewhere and can open doors with his nose. He is not focused around horses, cars and squirrels. However, he is very attuned to people and sensitive to how they are feeling. He has a soft spot for children and cookies. Finn is kind. His presence is comforting and uplifting.