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“Lindsay Road is a long, gravelled driveway that winds its way along side a meadow on the left and a forest on the right. Parts of the road are canopied by maple trees and there is an owl-shaped mountain in the distance. In early summer, the breeze smells like milkweed and, on some still nights, the sound of two resident loons can be heard calling to each other across the lake. The road was named after my grandmother’s family, holders of this beautiful land for about 150 years. To me, Lindsay Road represents connection. Connection to place, land and heritage. Connection to family and self. Connection to past, present and future. Connection to nature and animals. Connection to life, loss, growth and love” -Alexandra Cope

At Lindsay Road Counselling, my approach is primarily person centred. I believe that people have within themselves the resources needed for healing and growth. Genuine connection, empathy and unconditional acceptance can create the trust needed to explore those resources and the challenges and barriers that might be keeping us stuck. Methods and interventions from other approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and narrative therapy are used when they align with needs and counselling goals. The counselling process is collaborative and the person sets the pace. My practice is always trauma-informed meaning that creating and maintaining a sense of safety is the number one priority.

Nature can help us connect to ourselves and to each other. It allows us to withdraw from our stress and rejuvenate. Nature slows us down, removes distractions and can quiet our minds. As a result, space is created for processing, deeper exploration and growth. At Lindsay Road Counselling, people can choose to have sessions outside.

Horses work as co-counsellors at Lindsay Road Counselling. Horses are amazing creatures. Horses are always authentic and they communicate feeling with non-verbal behaviour.  Noticing horse behaviour can help us to become more connected with our own bodily reactions and feelings. Horses can help communication when finding words is too hard. Horses move and keep us moving which allows tension and stress to move through and out of our bodies. Horses are large, powerful animals. They can help us feel empowered by helping us overcome our fears. Horses are also very attuned to their environment in the here and now. Being present with horses can help us ground, build safety and create connection.  Finally, horses can invite touch and physical connection which can provide comfort, affection and even love.